Thought I Heard Dogs

With great warmth and compassion Henning Mankell presents three very different life stories that in their everyday dreadfulness are difficult to remain untouched by.

Three homeless people, Anna, Harry and Luke, are spending their desolate days on a bench. Seemingly completely dejected, they have stopped managing their health, squabble over change, and fight about whose turn it is to go shopping at the liqueur store. In retrospect scenes and episodes, we follow them, individually, towards their fall. Anna has managed to get out of her broken marriage, full of lies and abuse, only to lose her only child. Harry is forced out of the family business, since the mother and brother have gone tired of his wrong doings and homosexual dissipation. Lukas is the talented poet who refuses to adapt and eventually consumes his publisher’s confidence. Each one of them is drawn on a string of the most violent and destructive forces of love. Despite its tragic act, this is a play to be strangely lifted and inspired by.

Original title: Tyckte jag hörde hundar
Publication year: 2008