Days and nights in Chartres

In a famous photgraphy by the war phographer Robert Capa a woman is forced to run a gauntlet, carrying a small baby and with her hair shaved off. Her name is Simone and the event takes place in the French town of Chartres after the liberation of France in WWII. Simone has had a baby with a German soldier and is now to be brought to prison to start serving her sentence for treason. The only person in the phography who does not look at Simone, is her father, who, in a resolute way, carries a small bag with his daugther’s belongings while his eyes are fixed to the ground.

Through the events the play exposes some bitter truths about human nature as well as deep compassion in a way which has become a trademark for Henning Mankell.

Original title: Dagar och nätter i Chartres
Publication year: 2008