An Evening in the Autumn

A group of people are gathered on a barren island far out in the archipelago. They are there to look at a house which has been been put to sale. The owner is a young woman who wants to run away from all the in-fighting with her siblings, which she fears a shared ownership of the house will render. But also, she wants to escape all the bad memories she associates with the place.

All those interested in the house form a very disparate group. However, they seem to share the interest to use the house as some sort of recluse rather than a place to long for. Among the interested we find a night club owner suffering from insomnia, a middle aged CEO and his submissive wife who try to find a place where they can reconnect with their teenage daughter and an ex-model who has passed her prime and now takes a rather bitter outlook on life.

Since the bad weather has made it impossible to leave the island. this ill-assorted group is forced to spend an entire evening in each other’s company.

Original title: En höstkväll innan tystnaden
Publication year: 2008