Sveg is located in the forests of Härjedalen, a north west province in Sweden. This is where a young Henning Mankell lived until he was thirteen years old. As a child, Henning used to watch the Ljusnan river, fantasizing about Africa. His father worked as a district judge and Henning often listened in on his fathers grown up conversations about crime. Little did he know then that the conversations would become a source of inspiration for numerous detective stories many years later.

Sveg is the scenery for many of Mankell’s stories. All the books about Joel takes place in the northern village. An example is the railway bridge in Sveg that appears many times in the books. Certain parts of The Return of the Dancing Master also take place in Sveg.

The Mankell Cultural Centre was inaugurated in 2007. Here visitors can enjoy the Mankell exhibition portraying the life of an author standing with one foot in the deep forests of Sweden and with the other in the hot sand of Africa. Scenes from Mankell’s life as well as clips from his films and books can also be seen here. The library contains Mankell’s collected works, and each Mankell novel is represented in every published language. Here you can also find books that inspired the author in his work, read articles and fan mail and take a closer look at many of the original manuscripts.

The Mankell Cultural Centre’s ambition is to become a meeting point for various forms of writing. When the centre opened Mankell founded a scholarship for authors from the north of Sweden. At a farm located 60 kilometres from Sveg, authors can apply for a month’s of free stay in the house.

Sveg is the capital of Härjedalen, a province in the north west of Sweden. The city is situated 180 km south of Östersund and people have been living there since the 13th century. The name ”Sveg” comes from the sharp turn Ljusnan river makes just where the city is located. Originally Sveg was not much more than a small farmers hamlet, but as the railway proceeded through the village in 1909 Sveg evolved into a market town. Today Sveg hosts the only airport in the province, as well as the only folk high-school, Bäckedal. Many national parks are situated in the surroundings of Sveg.


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