The changes in Nelveli, a small village in southern India, have improved the life of its citizens. All thanks to the organization Hand in Hand.

Hand in hand’s vision is simple. Improve women’s conditions and decrease poverty. Wipe out child labour and encourage education. Start the changes at the grass roots and make sure your work is well integrated within the community. The road away from poverty and child labour goes through microloans, education and democracy development.

The vision has become reality in Nelveli, a small village in the Tamil Nadu district in southern India. During the past two years the organisation has managed to erodicate child labour. Thanks to microloans and education, the independence of women has increased. Today, the women of Nelveli are better equipped to take care of themselves and their families than they were before. For the people in Nelveli, the standard of living has increased and the number of years that Nelveli children stay in school has extended.

By educating the inhabitants about democracy rights Hand in Hand also increased their possibilities to influence and further develop their society.

Henning Mankell especially believes in the organisations focus on helping poor women.
– With small means, people can find the strength to grow. This is where I am convinced that Hand in Hand has such an important role to play. I believe investing in women is a good way to get rid of poverty. Women keep the family together and they are also responsible for supporting the family. I’ve spent so much time in Africa, a continent where people live right in the middle of poverty, a poverty that is often completely unnecessary.

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