“The frozen winter landscape in Härjedalen and the arrid landscape in Mozambique can sometimes resemble each other, and similarly the dry heat in Africa reminds me of Sweden’s biting cold. Both places are my home, but I will always be European.”

Sveg, Ystad and Mozambique – all are places that have influenced and inspired Henning Mankell in his work. Brought up in Sveg, Henning Mankell lets the boy Joel do the same thing and the youth books A Bridge to the Stars, Shadows in the Twilight, When the Snow Fell and The Journey to the End of the World, all take place in the small North Swedish village.

The Scanian seaside town of Ystad is today perhaps most famous as the décor of the books about inspector Kurt Wallander. Henning Mankell himself lived in Ystad during the 1980s and chose the town as background for the Wallander novels since it is a border city.
– Scania [Skåne in Swedish] is the place where Sweden ends, it almost compares to some sort of Baltic Texas. Borderlands have a special sort of dynamics. They create some sort of unrest.