The Swedish movies portraying inspector Kurt Wallander have been filmed at various occasions. Wallander has been portrayed by Krister Henriksson, Rolf Lassgård and Gustaf Skarsgård (The Pyramide). Rolf Lassgård played Wallander in the first adapted screen plays and participated in a total of nine Wallander films between 1994 and 2007.

Krister Henriksson might be the Swedish actor who knows Wallander most intimately. Henriksson has played the title role as the grumpy but upright detective in approximately thirty films, several of them specially authored by Mankell and adapted straight for the screen. In 2013, Krister Henriksson is again the man of the moment as Wallander in The Troubled Man, one out of six new Wallander movies currently produced by the production company Yellow Bird.

The Swedish Wallander films have also been broadcasted in England on BBC 4 and in the US where all were well received by the English speaking audience. When the Wallander movie The Revenge premiered in the US in the spring of 2012 it received the review ”one of this year’s best and most provocative thrillers” by film critic Roger Ebert.