Kennedy’s Brain and The Man from Beijing have both been adapted as TV series by the production company Yellow Bird for the German TV channel ARD. Both series consist of two 90 minutes episodes broadcasted 2010 and 2011 in Germany.

Kennedy’s Brain is a drama thriller which follows a mother’s search for the truth about her son’s death. The series was shot in a variety of locations in South Africa, Mozambique, Munich and Gothenburg in 2009. German actress Iris Berben plays the title role. The Swedish actors Michael Nyqvist, Rolf Lassgård, Julia Dufvenius and Andreas Wilson also star in the movie.

The Chinese Man is a TV series based on the Mankell novel The Man from Beijing. It is the story about the gruesome massacre of an entire village in the North of Sweden. Judge Birigitta Roslin, whose parents were murdered in the massacre, heads the chase of the assassin. German Suzanne von Borsody stars as Birgitta Roslin in the series.