Before the Frost

A friend of Wallander’s daughter comes begging for his help but then disappears. Meanwhile, an elderly woman’s body is found cremated in a shallow grave, killed by a seemingly religious obsessive. Wallander must catch the culprit before he strikes again.

In the forests of Southern Sweden, an escaped prisoner burns six swans to death. He’s interrupted by a hiker, and he burns her to death too. Anna, a friend of Wallander’s daughter, turns up out of the blue, looking for help. When she disappears, Wallander is forced to break the silence with his daughter: and Linda arrives with shocking news that will change their relationship forever.

The investigation into the hiker’s death and Anna’s disappearance leads Wallander into a world of religious mania. The killer is a loner, obsessed with right-wing, fundamentalist Christianity, with a vendetta against modern society. And a dangerous desire to do something to correct it… When the killer breaks into a school, armed with a petrol can, the case takes on a terrifying new dimension.

Before the Frost is the third episode in the third season of the BBC Wallander series.

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