An Event in Autumn

Kurt Wallander moves into a dream home with his girlfriend, Vanja – a new start for both of them. But his happiness is cut painfully short when Wallander’s dog unearths a skeleton buried under fruit trees in the back garden. It’s a murdered girl, dead for about ten years. Is this Fate, or just coincidence?

Wallander tries to keep his life on track by getting the case solved as quickly as possible, but his first suspicions lead him in the wrong direction, and into a very dangerous situation for himself and his colleagues.

At the same time, a disembodied arm is found washed up on the beach at Ystad. It belonged to a young girl who jumped off the ferry from Poland. Or was pushed. Wallander finds himself having to investigate two tragic cases, years apart: one a shadowy murder, long ago; the other, what looks like the first in a series…

An Event in Autumn is the first episode in the third season of the BBC Wallander series.

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