The BBC adaptation of Wallander starring actor Kenneth Branagh in the title role has made Wallander known to more and more British viewers. The series, filmed on location in Skåne in the south of Sweden, is split in three seasons and nine episodes in total. The third season was broadcasted by the BBC in the summer of 2012, contains the episode An Event in Autumn, based on the Wallander novel The Grave that until now has only been exclusively published in the Netherlands.

At the 2009 BAFTA TV Awards, Wallander won the prize for best Drama Series and in 2010, Kenneth Branagh was awarded a BAFTA for best Leading Actor. Wallander also won the prize for Sound Fiction at the BAFTA TV craft awards the same year. The films have been sold to more than fourteen countries including the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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