Wallander-An Event In Autumn3


Henning Mankell’s novels have been adapted for both tv and the screen in Sweden as well as abroad. The novels The Man From Beijing and Kennedy’s Brain were adapted and produced by the German tv-channel ARD and have been broadcasted in Germany.

The Wallander series have also been adapted for tv and the screen and Krister Henriksson, Rolf Lassgård and Kennet Branagh have all portrayed Wallander. The Swedish actor Krister Henriksson has starred in more than 25 Wallander episodes and in 2013 he is again playing the role of Wallander in The Troubled Man. The Swedish Wallander movies have been embraced by the English speaking audience, and when The Revenge, starring Krister Henriksson, was released in the USA the movie received a very high grade 3,5 out of 4.

The BBC’s British adaption of Wallander, starring Kenneth Branagh in the title role, has rendered great success globally, acclaimed by both critics and audience. The series have won several BAFTA awards, including one for leading actor in 2010 for Kenneth Branagh.