The Fury in the Fire

‘I learned to see the future in the flames. Fire is mysterious and unpredictable; it warms and it causes pain. And sometimes it is full of fury.’

Sofia’s first love was Armando – the Moonboy who appeared to her one night, taking off his clothes so she could mend them. She had learned to sew in the hospital, ten years ago, after a terrible landmine accident.

Now Sofia and Armando have little children, and while Sofia supports her family in the village, Armando works in the city and comes home on weekends. Life is hard, but things become much worse when, one Saturday, Armando does not return.

With her baby on her back, Sofia makes her way to town – but when she discovers what Armando is doing, she is shaken to her very core. Can she find the courage to face what lies ahead?

The Fury in the Fire is the third and last novel of the books about Sofia. It was published in Sweden 2007 and in English 2009.

Original title: Eldens vrede
Publication year: 2007
Published / To be published: Australia, Finland, France, Faroe Islands, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, UK, US