Playing With Fire

‘In the night there was a blue world lit by the moon … blue sand trickled between her fingers and swells of seawater moved inside her … It was a dream, yet Sofia knew that her time had come. She was fifteen, and childhood was behind her.’

Sofia takes in sewing, and her older sister, Rosa, works in the vegetable plot to help their mother support their family. Rosa, is strong and beautiful, and she loves boys, and dancing- something that Sofia, with her crutches, will never be able to do. Sofia imagines a boy who will love her for herself – Moonboy- the boy who appears in the night. Then suddenly Rosa falls ill, and Sofia is afraid for her. Their mother puts her faith in African magic, but it’s Sofia who must help Rosa face the reality of AIDS, and the difficult road ahead.

Playing With Fire is the second novel about Sofia. It was released in Sweden 2001 and in English 2002.

Original title: Eldens g├ąta
Publication year: 2001
Published / To be published: Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Faroe Islands, UK, US