The Shadow Girls

Tea-Bag, a young African girl, has fled a refugee camp in Spain for the promise of a new life in Sweden. Tania has made a long and dangerous journey to escape the horrors of human trafficking. Leyla has come with her family from Iran. All of them are facing different challenges in their new home.

Meanwhile, celebrated poet Jesper Humlin is looking for inspiration. Harried by his mother and girlfriend, misunderstood by his publisher and tormented by his stockbroker, Jesper needs a new perspective on life. A chance encounter with Tea-Bag leads him into the shadow world of the immigrant experience in Sweden. Initially he sees the girls purely as material for his next work, but soon discovers they have very different ideas.

The Shadow Girls was released in Sweden in 2001 and in US and the UK in 2012.

Original title: Teabag
Publication year: 2012
Published / To be published: Holland, Norway, Germany, UK, Finland, Denmark, Italy, France, USA, Canada, Spain, Catalan, Portugal, Macedonia