The Man from Beijing

One cold January day the police are called to a sleepy little hamlet in the north of Sweden where they find the vitcim of a savage murder lying in the snow. As they begin their investigation they notice that the village seems eerily quiet and deserted. Going from house to house, looking for witnesses, they uncover a crime unprecedented in Swedish history.

When judge Birgitta Roslin reads about the massacre she realises that she has a family connection to one of the couples involved and decides to investigate. A nineteenth-century diary and a red ribbon found in the forest nearby are her only clues. What Birigtta eventually uncovers leads her into an international web pf corruption and a story of vengeance that stretches back over a hundred years.

The Man from Beijing was released in Sweden 2008 and in US, UK and Canada in 2010.

Original title: Kinesen
Publication year: 2008
Published / To be published: Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Catalan, France, UK, Canada, US, Poland, Iceland, Portugal, Slovakien, Romania, Turkey, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Brazil, Greece, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Korea Isreal