In 1875 Hans Bengler, a young etymologist, leaves Sweden for the expedition of a lifetime to the Kalahari Desert. There he hopes to find a previously undiscovered insect to name after himself and advance his career. Instead, after his long and arduous journey through the sands, he finds a small boy, whose tribe has been decimated by European raiders.

Accustomed to collecting specimens, Bengler decides to adopt the boy and names him Daniel. He takes the traumatised child home with him to Sweden and plans to ‘civilise’ him. But Daniel cannot slip into an alien culture. and a new life in the cold and snow, so easily. He yearns desperately for the desert and his real family, who visit him in his dreams. His only consolation comes from his friendship with a vulnerable young girl called Sanna, who is also an outsider in her community. But even this bond is destined to be violently broken as Daniel’s isolation and increasing desperation lead to a chilling tragedy.

Daniel was published in Sweden 2000 and in English 2010.

Original title: Vindens son
Publication year: 2000
Published / To be published: Germany, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Finland, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Catalan, USA