Chronicler of the Winds

A haunting and powerful story about war-torn Africa, a mystical orphan boy, and the power of narrative to give a chaotic world order.

In the hot African night a single gunshot cracks the silence. José Antonio traces the sound to the stage of the local theatre company, where he finds Nelio, the young prophetical leader of the city’s street kids, crumpled in blood. Nelio refuses to be taken to the hospital but instead tells Jose his life’s story: how bandits raided his village, his daring escape, and his struggle to survive on the streets. José is irrevocably changed. He becomes the Chronicler of the Winds, revealing Nelios’s magical tale to all who will listen.

Chronicler of the Winds was published in Sweden 1995 and in English 2006.

Original title: Comédia infantil
Publication year: 1995
Published / To be published: Denmark, Holland, Portugal, Brazil, Norway, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, Catalan, Turkey, Slovenia, USA, Poland