A Treacherous Paradise

Hanna Lundmark escapes the brutal poverty of rural Sweden for a job as a cook onboard a steamship headed for Australia. Jumping ship at the African port of Lourenço Marques, Hanna decides to begin her life afresh.

Stumbling across what she believes to be a down-at-heel hotel, Hanna becomes embroiled in a sequence of events that lead to her inheriting the most successful brothel in town. Uncomfortable with the attitudes of the white settlers, Hanna is determined to befriend the prostitutes working for her, and change life in the town for the better, but the distrust between blacks and whites, and the shadow of colonialism, lead to tragedy and murder.

A Treacherous Paradise was released in Sweden in 2011 and in the UK and US in 2013.

Original title: Minnet av en smutsig ängel
Publication year: 2013
Published / To be published: The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Catalan, Germany, UK, US, Italy, France, Canada, Iceland, Portugal, Ukraine