Shadows in the Twilight

Joel will soon be twelve, and he thinks nothing’s going on in the small community where he lives. But he’s wrong there. One day, a Miracle happens to him. He’s very nearly run over by a bus, but is miraculously unhurt.

Now, what do you do when a Miracle has come your way? Shouldn’t you show gratitude somehow? Surely a good deed of some sort is in order. But how?

Shadows in the Twilight is the second book about Joel. It was published in Swedish 1991 and in English 2007.

Original title: Skuggorna växer i skymningen
Publication year: 2007
Published / To be published: US, UK, Catalan, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Basque, Denmark, Iceland, Russia, Hungary, Kurdish, Poland, Germany, Finland, Italy, France, Bulgaria