A Bridge to the Stars

Twelve year old Joel lives with his father in the cold northern part of Sweden. At night he often sneaks out of his father’s house to look for a lonely dog he has seen from his window. On the bridge across the icy river he starts a secret society and has adventures.

But one night he discovers that his father’s bed is also empty and will have to come terms with his father’s new-found love. The harsh reality of Joel’s world comes vividly to life and leaves the reader spellbound.

A Bridge to the Stars is the first book about Joel. It was published in Swedish 1990 and in English 2005.

Original title: Hunden som sprang mot en stjärna
Publication year: 2005
Published / To be published: US, UK, Germany, Korea, France, Taiwan, Norway, Arabic, Netherlands, Basque, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Japan, Iceland, Russia, Hungary, Kurdish, Bengali, Spain, Finland, Taiwan, Slovakia, Slovene, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Catalan, Bulgaria