2014 An Event in Autumn
2012 The Shadow Girls
2011 The Troubled Man
2010 Daniel
2010 The Man from Beijing
2009 Italian Shoes
2009 The Fury in the Fire
2008 The Pyramid
2008 The Journey to the End of the World
2008 The Eye of the Leopard
2008 The Cat who Liked Rain
2007 Kennedy’s Brain
2007 When the Snow Fell
2007 Shadows in the Twilight
2006 Chronicler of the Winds
2006 Depths
2005 A Bridge to the Stars
2005 The Man Who Smiled
2004 Before the Frost
2003 The Return of the Dancing Master
2002 Playing with Fire
2002 Firewall
2001 One Step Behind
2001 The Dogs of Riga
2000 Secrets in the Fire
2000 The Fifth Woman
1999 Sidetracked
1998 The White Lioness
1997 Faceless Killers

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