Henning Mankell 33 ny


“I can still remember the miraculous feeling of writing a sentence, then more sentences, to tell a story. The first thing I wrote was a one-page summary of Robinson Crusoe and I am so sorry I do not have it any more; it was at that moment I became an author.”

Since the first story about Robinson Crusoe Henning Mankell has written more than 40 books that have sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. Perhaps he is most famous for his novels about inspector Kurt Wallander in Ystad, but apart from the ten books in the Wallander series Mankell has written 20 novels and ten youth books. His books about the Mozambican girl Sofia, who lost both legs after having stepped on a land mine, is read by thousands of school children each year. Internationally, Henning Mankell is one of Sweden’s most best-selling authors and his books have topped the charts in both Europe and the US.

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