Almost one hundred orphans have found a new home in the children’s village outside Chimoio in Mozambique. The village has been built by SOS Children’s Villages and was funded by Henning Mankell.

– These children would probably have died. Instead they now get an oppurtunity to survive, says Henning Mankell.

In 2007, Henning Mankell and his wife Eva Bergman donated 15 million Swedish Crowns to SOS Children’s villages to fund and build a village for children in Chimoio in western Mozambique. In Mozambique more than 2 million children are orphans and it is estimated that 670,000 of them have lost a parent to AIDS.

The whole village was completed in 2012 and today 88 orphans live there. In the children’s village, ten children live in each house with a mother. There they have an opportunity to grow up under safe conditions. Biological siblings are not separated and grow up in the same house.

– SOS Children’s Village have understood that they can’t help everyone, but the children that they can help, they help all the way. For me, I am happy if I can help one child, says Mankell who regards the donation more as a privilege than a sacrifice.

In addition to the village outside Chimoio, SOS runs other children’s villages in Mozambique. Moreover, the organisation has built pre-schools, elementary schools and training centers where the mothers in the villages receive their vocational education.

During his years in Mozambique Henning Mankell has seen poverty at close hand.

– One kilometre from the center of Maputo people live in misery and starvation. I can’t help everyone, but that doesn’t prevent me from helping them that I can help, states Mankell and continues;

– Since I have the opportunity, I would be damned if I did not help. There are too many people in the world who just sit and watch their money pile up, that is very hard for me to understand.

The new children’s village just outside Chimoio was inaugurated in October 2012. Both Henning Mankell and the Swedish ambassador to Mozambique, Ulla Andrén, attended the ceremony.



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